Wander as a Cloud - TSAI Wei Cheng - 2016 Rich Art Exhibition
Rich Art - TSAI Wei Cheng Exhibition
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Rich Art - TSAI Wei Cheng Exhibition
Wander as a Cloud - TSAI Wei Cheng - 2016 Rich Art Exhibition
Date : 2016.6.11~2016.7.10 Tue. to Sun.12pm-8pm / Location : Rich Art Gallery / Address : No.489, Huiwen Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan /
JUNE 25,2016
The L'Attrait de la liberté Road to Freedom exhibition is Tsai Wei-Cheng’s portal to the international world. At Art Stage Singapore 2016 and Art Fair Tokyo 2016, the simplicity and flexibility of Tsai Wei-Cheng’s works deeply connected with viewers. Wander As A Cloud is exhibited at Rich Art to lead us into his creative and Zen-filled world. Through Tsai Wei-Cheng’s works, we can let our hearts rest; experience comfortable, unrestrained, and sincere feelings; and return to a simpler life.
L’Attrait de la liberté - TSAI Wei Cheng Artist - 2016 ART FAIR TOKYO
Rich Art - TSAI Wei Cheng Exhibition
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L’Attrait de la liberté - TSAI Wei Cheng Artist
Date : 2016. 5.12 ~ 5.14 / Preview : 2016. 5.11 16:00 ~ 21:00 / Location : Tokyo International Forum, B2F Hall-E / Address : Marunouchi 3-5-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan / Booth: N13 / Contact : +886 4-23823786                                                                                                      
APR 26,2016
自分の意志で生きていく、特定の時間で意志を明確し、それだけ。 アルドゥル.ショーペンハウアー

私たちは自由の道を生きていく、手を開いて、精神のエネルギーがもらえる。 蔡尉成さんの作品は子供の笑顔、遊んだり、座ったり、動いたりと自然だ。全てのボディーランゲージを表現している。かのように、作品の線の流れは、純粋で自然な動き。蔡尉成さんの作品の中の”雲”は自由意念の代表だ。大量の”雲”と関係している天気の変化や、雨具など、自由意念を表示している。 蔡尉成さんは自分や宇宙を探索し、万物を感じ、自己会話でしばられないような作品を生み出した。

意念が自由になるからこそ、自由と言える。 作品に自由について、自然な表示が感じられることをぜひ見てほしい。
Fontana Di Trevi Di Notte - LU Ying Chang Artist - Gin Huang Curator
Rich Art - LU Ying Chang Exhibition
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Rich Art - LU Ying Chang Exhibition
Date 2016. 4.2 ~ 5.22 / Preview 2016. 4.2 pm 2:00                                                                                                      
MAR 02,2016
Lu, Ying - Chang 1979 born in Taipei, Taiwan Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School , Department of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan The Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, department of Visual Arts ,Milan, Italy
2012 ARTE IN FIERA DOLOMIT , ITreviso . Italy
2009 GEISAI TAIWAN - 1. Accreditation Solo Award- Takashi Murakami Award, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 Artefatto 2006 Giovani spazi . Venice Italy

Solo Exhibition
2014 Taipei.GAI ART - BUONGIORNO solo.
2009 Taipei. Mining personable gallery - watch. STARE solo

Group Exhibition
2015 Young Art Taipei
2014 Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art
2013 Taipei, Taiwan. Artist Fair
2013 Tokyo, Japan TDW ART FAIR
2013 Treviso, Italy Galleria Web Art Exhibition
2012 Treviso Italy ARTE IN FIERA DOLOMITI Exhibition
2010 Tokyo, Japan. GEISAI-14. Invited Exhibition
2010 Taipei. Architectural space. Finding New Stars Exhibition
2006 Venice Italy Artefatto
2006 Giovani spazi Exhibition
2016 Art Stage Exhibition in Singapore - TSAI Wei Cheng Exhibition
Rich Art - TSAI Wei Cheng Exhibition
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TSAI Wei-Cheng Singapore Exhibition
L’Attrait de la liberté - TSAI Wei-Cheng - 2016 Art Stage Singapore
Date: 2016.1.21-24 VIP Preview: 2016.1.20
Venue: Singapore Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Curator: Gin Huang
12 01,2015
Flying across the Northern Hemisphere frozen by the cold winter, Rich Art is going to Lion City, the city nourished by the warm and easy weather in the South, to participate in the art feast hold in the well-known hotel, Marina Bay Sands in the end of January in 2016. Coming to its sixth edition, Art Stage Singapore, which is one of the most significant international art events in Asia, has been spreading Asian contemporary art to the world. In order to cope with the rapidly changing art market, Lorenzo Rudolf, the founder and director of Art Stage Singapore, utilizes diverse strategies, striving to make a breakthrough in the field of art. In 1990s, he had the traditional form of Art Basal transformed into Art Basal and Design Miami, the annual twin exhibitions respectively included art and design. Moreover, this year, Rudolf and the Singapore government jointly devote to combining public art and curating platform by introducing Southeast Asia Forum Exhibition.

To welcome a brand new age, in 2016, Tsai Wei-Cheng is ready with his Sky creative serial and making its debut at Art Stage Singapore. “Liberty” is an important word as well as a symbol in Tsai’s artistic works, and it is also a powerful component that is remarkably recognized in the Sky creative serial. During the process of doing artistic creations, Tsai tries to apply different kinds of medium, such as stainless steel, bronze, etc., to maximize the innovative elements in each of his art piece. Among Sky creative serial, the unique elements of “six senses” which are the characteristics cultivated by his painstaking efforts on every work are the unduplicated energy; the energy empowers Tsai’s creations that could comfort and enrich our inner life.

Started in 2016 with Art Stage Singapore, Rich Art is set for the splendid art event, which will surely enable Tsai Wei-Cheng to take audience into a pure and noise-free universe with his genuine and harmonious works.